What are the bonuses offered by Spin Rio casino?

If you are a fan of casino games, then you must carefully read the following article, which will allow you to know more information about one of the best sellers on the market Canadian, it is the Spin Rio online casino.

What is the presentation of the Spin Rio casino?

Spin Rio Online Casino is a casino recently launched in the year 2021by the MarkerPlay LTD group, which is a site development and launch group of online casinos, precisely, the MarketPlay group is the group responsible for the development and launch of the online casino Mr Play casino, which is considered to be one of the best online casinos on the French-speaking market.

To attract more users to its interface, the Spin Riom casino offers you several opportunities, for example, to take advantage of the many bonuses offered on this interface.

What are the suggested bonuses at Spin Rio Casino?

Each new user has the right to take advantage of a certain number of bonuses, these bonuses are accessible once you are registered on this gaming site.

The first bonus offered is the welcome bonus, which is set up to start your gaming experience on this platform, Spin Rio presents you with a very valuable bonus, which offers you the opportunity to double the amount of your first deposit at the casino, up to a maximum amount of 200 Canadian dollars, in addition to this percentage, the casino presents you with 100 free spins. For your second deposit on the casino interface, you will receive a bonus, which allows you to benefit from 40 free spins, this is also valid for your third deposit made on the casino interface. online casino.

What are the withdrawal conditions for your bonus?

To be able to use your bonus amount, you must first meet a few conditions, which are required. In this part, we will describe these conditions in detail.

On the casino interface, you will find a list, which contains the different conditions to which the withdrawal of your bonus is subject.

You must wager at least 35 times your bonus before you can withdraw it, this is called wagering, it is a very famous condition in the field of online games, with regard to the minimum number of bets , which you have to do, the number that Spin Rio offers you is really logical, if we compare it with other competing online casinos.

You should also know that the validity period of your bonus is limited, for this you must make your withdrawal before 21 days, otherwise you will lose your access to this bonus.

Regarding the free spins, which are offered to you, you should know that their validity period is 24 hours, so you must hurry to play free spins, before this time limit ends.

When you withdraw your winnings, the amount requested for withdrawal must not exceed 100 Canadian dollars, otherwise your transaction will be blocked and automatically rejected by the system.

Our advice for you is to use your bonus on slot machines, because the casino is full of these types of games and using them is really easy.

Finally, we advise you to use this online casino, because it offers you a complete formula, which will allow you to have a great gaming experience.

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